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Just Be You

Just Be You

Everything about you screams unique! Twins may look alike but they have different personalities. Their fingerprints are also different. How much so you? The biometrics sector has realized this and is cashing in on our uniqueness. Shouldn’t we then appreciate ourselves instead of wishing that we were so and so?
None of us is an accident. Christ has a purpose for each and every one of us. However, He does not force it on us. He has however given all of us gifts to help us identify what He wants us to do. As we spend time with Him by studying His word, He puts desires in our hearts. This also helps us know His plan for us. While we may not see the big picture, those desires put us on course with His will.
Here’s something we usually do wrong. We tend to expect everything to go as planned, especially if we are sure that it is in line with God’s plan for our lives. We do not expect resistance. The word teaches otherwise! Mark 4: 16-17 talks about believers who give up because they experienced persecution as a result of God’s word in their lives. It also talks about believers who trusted God and His word and never gave up. They went on to produce fruit, thirty, sixty and a hundred fold. Paul, the writer of a big portion of the New Testament was doing God’s will but experienced challenges everywhere he went. In one instance he wrote that an opportunity had come his way but he was experiencing resistance.
Here’s one more example. Nehemiah learned that the walls of Jerusalem were in ruins and felt that he should do something about it. Despite having the support of the Persian king that he served, King Artaxerxes, he found people who did not want the walls rebuilt when he got to Jerusalem. They tried to stop him and even went as far as trying to trap him but Nehemiah purposed that he was going to get the job done. He got the Israelite men to work but always ready to fight in case they were attacked. With such resolve, a job that had stalled for years was completed in fifty two days! Your steps are ordered and you are uniquely designed for a purpose. You may experience challenges and distractions but don’t give up on your dreams. Persist; you’ve got God, the Creator, backing you!

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