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Lord Help Me

Have you ever been thrust into a leadership or place of authority unexpectedly? Were you ready to be in charge but was shocked to realize that it was too overwhelming? Here’s what God told Joshua when He made him leader…

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Where is your Faith?

We are a fortunate generation! Unlike other generations, when it comes to entertainment, we have much to choose from. Unfortunately, what seems to trend is not God friendly and believers are forced to vet what they watch! Secular service providers…

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Just Be You

Everything about you screams unique! Twins may look alike but they have different personalities. Their fingerprints are also different. How much so you? The biometrics sector has realized this and is cashing in on our uniqueness. Shouldn’t we then appreciate…

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Piece Of Mind3

Peace of Mind

Psychologists and like minded professionals are a busy lot. Their services are in such high demand that their clients have to book weeks, even months in advance to see them! This goes to show that there are many people desperately…

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