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Faith Comes By Hearing, So Does Unbelief!

Faith Comes By Hearing, So Does Unbelief!

Do you remember how you got born again? It all started when you heard something about Jesus and your life was never the same: “So then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17
What you hear is important. It can and does affect you. Hearing God’s Word and hearing it regularly as implied in the verse creates an atmosphere that builds your faith. God’s Kingdom functions on faith. The enemy’s kingdom thrives on fear. When you listen to stuff that creates fear in your heart, and you do this regularly, guess what happens? You will find yourself pondering more on what you’re hearing and soon doubting God’s Word and power. Unbelief has crept in!
What happens when unbelief gets into your heart? God’s Word is suddenly not as exciting as it was. Going to church becomes tedious. The things that used to excite you about God no longer do so. You also start to look for answers outside God’s Word.
Fortunately God does not just let us slip away. Through the Holy Spirit, He brings to our remembrance what He has taught us. He also sends God fearing friends and relatives our way. They may just have been going to a Bible Study and since they were in the neighborhood, dropped by to say hi and you end up tagging along. Does that sound familiar? God has many ways of reaching out because He loves us. A discerning believer will notice what is going on and will be able to get back on track.
If you have no idea what is going on or are not bothered, then it is easy to backslide. So what is on your mind…faith or fear?

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