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Living And Loving Marriage

Living and Loving Marriage

Never in the history of mankind has traditional marriage been tested as it is being done today with same sex marriage as the most controversial issue facing the church. With the most recent ruling by the federal judge in Florida about the non-constitutionality of the ban on same sex marriage, it is expected to draw a barrage of criticism and hurrahs, depending on which side you plan to support. Most black churches in South Florida would be experiencing either be in an uproar over another challenge to traditional marriage, or be in a state of disbelief at how the country has changed so much in the span of a few years, not the least in Fort Lauderdale. According to US District Judge Robert L. Hinkle, the ban on same sex marriage violates the 14th Amendment, which guarantees equal protection and due process. The next step would be a Supreme Court ruling that would allow or disallow same sex marriages in the state of Florida.

Living in a Marriage

There are challenges to marriages beyond court rulings, though. A marriage is not a partnership or an agreement. It is a relationship between a man and a woman who love and are willing to work together for a lasting relationship. Marriage isn’t easy, which is why Mount Bethel Baptist Church has a Married Adults Ministry called “Covenant Keepers.” This wonderful group aims to help couples deal with marital and personal issues that would make a better, fulfilled couple. Like many black churches in South Florida, Mount Bethel is challenged by the negative statistics on failed marriages. The fact is, living and loving marriage is always possible as long as both parties are willing to work at it. The problem is thinking that differences and arguments are clear signs of incompatibility. Couples will argue and disagree; it’s what they do after that will determine the health of their relationship. For instance, can they talk about the argument and agree on what should not be said or assumed? Can they agree to stick to the issue? Can they forgive and forget mistakes of the other party?

Loving in a Marriage

To understand what loving your spouse really truly means, it comes down to this: watching out for his or her best interests is a priority, but it isn’t everything. It’s also communicating how you feel, good and bad, and putting your foot down when your spouse is overreaching or trying to do too much. It’s knowing when to push or hold back and providing emotional, spiritual, and financial support when it is needed. Many people tend to act this way with their buddies then forget to do the same with their spouse. One way to make sure you are meeting each other’s needs is to get together as a couple and talk or join a retreat in South Florida. Mount Bethel offers a place away from home where couples can come and talk with other couples, socialize and maybe even make new friends who will help them restore the health of their marriage.
What are some ways you have enhanced life and love within your marriage relationship?

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